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Celebrating 25 years in the business of Style! When I graduated top-of-the-class from school, I had no idea where this industry was going to take me. I loved cutting and coloring hair and believe working behind the chair is awesome and looked forward to it!

But to my surprise my journey led me to work in television as an image consultant for a daily talk show. Later a 10 year, Award Winning, run with the wonderful John Paul Mitchell Systems as a Senior National Educator, educating other hair dressers through classes and on-stage hair shows and conventions. I've done models, actors, musicians, T.V. personalities, beauty contestants, other hair dressers, photo shoots, weddings and print. What an adventure this continues to be.

Currently, I continue with my first love.. cutting and coloring hair behind the chair. Servicing new people to my area, International guests and those who have been with me in this adventure for upwards of 22 years. I love it and can't imagine doing anything else.

Offers still come to do things outside of the studio and I take them but I love the relationships I've built the last 25 years in this industry and my Studio guests. More adventure is ahead, but I'm excited I get to bring all of this experience to your hair care needs through ...

The Studio, A Michael Clopton Salon

The Studio, A Michael Clopton Salon
205 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741